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Web Design & Development, Print Projects, Data Management


After 30 years of teaching writing and media literacy to both students and teachers, I have a wide range of technology and communication skills. I can create websites or print projects and I can also present ideas and teach with technology. But even more importantly, my work with teachers and kids gave me a deeper understanding of how people learn and communicate. Rainbowtech Designs is all about communicating through art... using design and color that supports and reinforces the message.

Visit the Gouverneur Museum on your smartphone.


Once a teacher, always a teacher.


I was an English teacher and information technology specialist for 30 years. I taught teachers and students how to use technology to acquire, process and manage information. Over those years, technologies have changed, but I keep up with new software and tech trends.


I worked as a One-to-One trainer at the Apple Store in Tampa, FL. I loved working with clients as they discovered new ways to use the technology in their lives. I can assist users of Windows computers as well as users of Apple computers and iOS users (iPhone and iPad). Give me a call or send an email. What would you like to learn?

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