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Art has always been part of my life. Every Saturday, throughout my teenage years, I went to "art lessons" given by artists, Marvin and Anne Triguba. I really wanted to make a living as an artist, but for 30 years, I was an English teacher, librarian and technology educator where I made art every single day. Now, in retirement, my media is digital, the websites and other projects are literate, clear and visually interesting. And I can write, design, produce and distribute your message through a custom website, on a mobile device, or with print projects like brochures, a business card, flyer, menu, book, etc. I have formatted published eBooks.


After 30 years of teaching writing and media literacy to both students and teachers, I have a wide range of technology and communication skills. I can create websites or print projects and I can also present ideas and teach with technology. But even more importantly, my work with teachers and kids gave me a deeper understanding of how people learn and communicate. Rainbowtech Designs is all about communicating through art... using design and color that supports and reinforces the message.


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I was an English teacher and information technology specialist for 30 years. I taught teachers and students how to use technology to acquire, process and manage information. Over those years, technologies have changed, but I keep up with new software and tech trends.


I have worked as a One-to-One trainer at the Apple Store in Tampa, FL. I loved working with clients as they discovered new ways to use the technology in their lives. I can assist users of Windows computers as well as users of Macintosh and iOS users (iPhone and iPad). Give me a call or send an email. What would you like to learn?


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